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Hotels -Casinos Apartment Complexes 
 Parking Lot Garages structures Towers,
 Industrial Tanks & Water Towers



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Serving the S L C Utah as a painting contractors.
licensed and bonded for both commercial painting and  Industrial. Commercial wall ~paper and vinyl. Epoxy, Oil, Stains, Commercial Wall~ Paper Logos Towers, and commercial properties. Industrial and Hotels, Condominium complexes, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals Casinos, Parking structures, High-rise buildings, Shopping Malls, Water Towers, electrostatic metal painting,

MSHA & Lead Abetment Certified

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Commercial Vinyl Wall Covering  Block of rooms, several floors at a time. 


Vinyl Wall Covering  Experts

We Provide you with in house sand blasting or we can take your project to our full service painting shop Pipes metal cabinets using our electrostatic metal painting system

Mine Safety and Health   Administration Certified

As a Painting contractor and specializing in Industrial painting
Commercial painting Flux painting. Being a Fire Proof painting contractor in
 slc ut. and all of the state as a Utah painting contractor we strive to be number As a painting contractor in Salt Lake we strive to be the best Thermal painting contractor, Fire Proof Painting contractor,
in tumescent painting contractor, High Rise painting contractor, Smoke stack & Water tank painting contractor
 serving the painting needs of SLC Utah


 We also Paint Cars in SLC Utah


  The Car in
Napoleon Dynamite






Tank painting


Dustless Sand Blasters



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Commercial Epoxy Coating   *   Commercial WallCovering    *   Painting High Rise Buildings

    Our Other Divisions
Water Tank Inspection & Painting Division
- 1 - Fire Retardant Painting
Time and Material Painting - 2 - Acrylic  Wall Texture
  - 4 - Anti graffiti Painting
Industrial Paint Manufacturers - 5 - Thermal Painting

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 Our Painting expertise in the Salt Lake City - Ogden and Park City UT,
  have put us above other commercial painting company’s. We understand the needs of commercial and industrial company’s in all areas of concern Painting commercial and residential have confidence in our abilities to complete you project. We look forward to your commercial painting or residential painting project in all of Utah, S L C, Ogden and Park City areas.


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